Welcome to Piken Square

Server population: Medium

This server has been marked as a international server.

The server is used by the EU role playing community and as an overflow / international alternative for the Benelux community / Far Shiverpeaks.

Piken Square will go for gold! The goal is to beat the odds and make Piken Square the nr 1 ranked WvW-server.

Suggestions from the Piken Square community are welcome!

Update: Because Far Shiverpeaks (marked as Scandinavian and Benelux server) seems to be full some people want to move to Piken Square. Piken Square welcomes Scandinavian and Benelux but for those who consider moving please know Piken Square is marked as international server and is also used by the RP community. If only people who like an international server and respect the RP community move to PS, FS will have more room for those wanting a more national non-RP server and both servers have people who respect each other.

For better coordination on Piken Square the guild [Piken Square (PS)] has been created.

We will see you in game.